Natural Tonsil Stones Remedies for Taking Action at Home.

Tonsil stones are formed when bacteria,dead cells and mucous from left over food become trapped in the tonsils in form of white hardened formations that occur in the pockets of the tonsils. These hardened formations are calcified and when visible will protrude from pockets in the tonsils.This condition is common in people who have chronic inflammation in their tonsils or repeated conditions of tonsillitis.

The tonsil stones are usually diagnosed by examining your throat,doing a X-ray or CT scan.

The Tonsil Stones Remedies are:

1. Removal at home – The stones can be dislodged with the use of water picks or cotton swabs by applying pressure at the lower edge of the stones or applying pressure through different angles.If unable to reach them, then the flap or part of the tonsil can be pulled back to give better access.

2. Salt water use – The tonsil stones are accompanied by a discomfort especially with tonsillitis.A warm salt water gargle can be used after every meal and helps to dislodge tiny bits of food.Water can also be drunk to help in washing down any particles in the back of your throat and tonsils.

3. Oxygenating mouthwash - These mouthwashes contain chlorine dioxide and zinc compounds which are effective because oxygen will hinder bacterial growth,these are very strong and should be used once or twice a week.

4. Use of vinegar - Vinegar gargle can be used to dislodge the tonsil stones because the stones contain calcium and vinegar has the ability to dissolve the calcium.

5. Nasal passages cleaning - For those on chronic post nasal drip there is a need to clean the nasal passages because the drip accelerates the formation of tonsil stones,cleaning the nose with a nasal spray will help.This is important as mucous drainage in the back of the throat is a cause of the tonsil stones.

6. Regular brushing - Regular brushing can minimize the formation of the tonsil stones. Make sure you use a soft bristled brush.Using oxygenating toothbrushes can also help reduce the bacteria.

7. Foods - Eat foods like apples, celery, carrot and cucumber because of their bacteria killing properties.

8. Coughing - The tonsil stones can be removed through coughing or even swallowing.

9. Antibiotics - Tonsil stones can be treated with various antibiotics like penicillin or enthromycin, though these may have side effects.

10. Laser treatment - Laser treatment by a doctor can be used to remove the tonsil stones.

11. Removal of the stones surgically - When the stones become large and symptomatic, they can be removed surgically through tonsillectomy or if the stones keep recurring.

12. Using coblation tonsil cryptolysis -T his is a technique which can be done without sedation and only uses local anesthesia by way of a non-heat driven process which uses radio frequency to excite electrolytes in a conducive medium of salt water.

13. No treatment - If the tonsil stones do not cause any problems or symptoms then no treatment will be required.

The tonsil stones have various side effects which are uncomfortable and unpleasant including bad breath,pain on swallowing,there is a difficulty in swallowing,the mouth begins to have a metallic taste,fits of coughing,can cause ear ache and swollen tonsils.

The tonsil stones can be prevented through good oral hygiene and not sharing toothbrushes.