How to get rid of Tonsil Stones; First Action Steps

Tonsilloliths, best known as tonsil stones are tiny whitish deposits that are usually seen on the surface of the tonsils. This type of disorder comes as a result continued accumulation of food substances at the far end of your mouth. The situation can be quite embarrassing since victims usually produce foul mouth odor due to bacteria reaction. Tonsil stones are usually common to people with deep tonsil craters. In most cases, the stones are usually dislodged when someone either coughs or eats. Though many regard the disorder as not serious, it is always vital to seek medical attention in order to have the situation controlled. However, there are still ways in which victims can have the stones removed at home, but if in doubt it is advisable to avoid the risk of aggravating a problem that is already worse.

So, what do You need to start with?

The removal process will require you to have the following equipment:

•    Sterilized pins

•    Torch or flashlight

•    Mirror

•    Towel

•    Plenty of water

Follow the following easy steps:

1.    Open your mouth wide in front of the mirror so as to easily trace the position of the tonsils. Hold back your breath and tighten your back mouth muscles so as to have the tonsils bulge outward making it easy to reach them.

2.     Use an extra long pin to remove of any visible tonsil stone on the craters. Though slight bleeding is normal, ensure you do all it takes to prevent excessive blood loss as it is not healthy. Extract the tonsil stones one by one and ensure you trace any that might be hidden. It is important to be extra cautious not to damage mouth tissue with the pins.

3.     It might prove hard to remove tonsil stones because of the sticky saliva that forms at the far end of your mouth. You must keep trying until you get hold of the stone. If you realize that sticky saliva is forming in the process, you can take a glass of water in order to thin it out. Alternatively, you can take water before commencing the process of tonsil stone removal. This play a great role of making the task less tiring.

4.    It is very important to hygienically discard the tonsil stones. This you should do by gently dragging the bobby pin bearing the stones on a clean towel and later wrapping it well in readiness for disposal. This helps in reducing chances of contamination.

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