How Long Does Tonsillitis Last; It Depends…

Most individuals rarely know what tonsillitis is…

It is an inflammation caused by the infection of a tonsil. Tonsillitis is usually tender swollen and red. Mostly, tonsillitis occurs from viral infections. The viruses are similar to those that cause flu. Painful tonsillitis is caused by Coxsackie virus, which comes with high fever. Decreased appetite and a rash may accompany tonsillitis in severe conditions. Infections from bacteria also cause tonsillitis even though the occurrence is rare. The most common type of bacteria involved with tonsillitis is the Streptococcus.

What is the duration of tonsillitis?

How long does tonsillitis lasts? Many patients ask this question, especially mothers with a small school going children. The length of tonsillitis is purely dependent on various causes. It may last for days in its basic condition, but the strep tonsillitis lasts for weeks. Tonsillitis caused by the bacteria mononucleosis may last for months.

How does the diagnosis of tonsillitis take place?

With a physical examination and examining the history of a patient, a doctor can easily detect tonsillitis. The strep test of a throat culture examination is the initial tests in identifying the cause. This is important, especially if antibiotics are used in treatment. The mono test accompanied by specified blood tests may be done if the cause of tonsillitis is not clear. Instead of individual wondering how long does tonsillitis lasts, it is better to have preventable measures in place.

What is the process of treating tonsillitis?

The basic procedure carried out in treating tonsillitis is removal. With current technology, viral cases are handled by watching and waiting while taking medication for the fever and pain.
The basic treatment is the use of antibiotics to kill the bacteria. The longer the duration of the tonsillitis, the stronger the treatment required. In few cases, steroids are used to ease the pain and swelling.

What is the prevention plan for tonsillitis?

The removal of tonsillitis or tonsillectomy helps in the prevention of tonsillitis, the procedure is only recommended in chosen cases. The spread of tonsillitis in most cases is through droplet transmission. Precautions on droplets aid in preventing the spread of tonsillitis. Mono tonsillitis is caused by body fluid transmission. With this information, individuals can avoid tonsillitis by avoiding body fluid interaction. Instead of individual wondering how long doestonsillitis lasts, it is better to have preventable measures in place.